How to Add a PRADSAX User Story


This page collates all the user stories that we have created for PRADSAX.

User Stories are the most basic way for us to think about what we might want PRADSAX to be, what we might want this tool / network to do for us. A good story should includ a person, a situation (something they are trying to do) and some action (something they do to make it happen). That's it - simple.

To write another story: (read more)

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Adding FreeMind MindMaps to this site

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The freely available software freemind is used to create mindmaps.


If its data files are attached to a piece of MindMap content on this web site, then the resulting mindmap will be shown.


To do this first login, then go to Create Content -> MindMap. Give your MindMap a title, type something descriptive in the body. Then go to File Attachments, and use that to upload your Freemind data file.

Download the Freemind source for this mindmap here

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