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Margrove Park Website

Margrove Park Website

This could bring out first participants. I went to the Village Hall at Margrove Park yesterday to talk about some new workshops within the SID project.

I proposed some sessions (see below). I mentioned Web2 for older people but the only bit they understood was "older people", a description they said applied to them. About half way through teh sessions I think they'll begin to understand and we'll get our participants then.


From the notes you gave me at the Village Hall I propose the following idea:

To run club type sessions from 4pm to 8pm on Thursdays (we'll arrive at 3pm)

We'll spread out laptops so people can do a variety of things

Basic IT
Updating the Margrove Park website
Using the website to contact us and receive support
Images, scanning etc
Anything else

Sessions to start August and run for 6 weeks on Thursdays after which we'll review what is needed