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After the early frustration with Google Apps I've now found it much easier to set up new accounts. Perhaps too easy, I manage around 200 domain names and they're all just pointing to community websites and projects with no email associated with them.

I just set up a new instance for www.saltburn.org.uk but I only altered the MX records so google apps is only providing email on the domain name. The domain name is still pointing at the original website. This means that email accounts can be provided for project staff and it also creates a kind of "Intranet" of apps e.g. http://partnerpage.google.com/saltburn.org.uk that each user can customise.

This opens a whole range of possibilities - for instance what could we do with www.skinningrove.tv www.margovepark.com www.ts3.org.uk www.hfhc.co.uk (and many others) At fist my intention with this pilot project was to pull all the participants together under the google app running at www.myweb2.org.uk - now I don't know, perhaps it may be better to introduce different groups to stuff running under their own community domain and find some way of linking them up.

Some sessions are due to start in Margrove Park. They're I'm trying a new approach there which is even more informal than before. It seems to me to be the most likely to work. I blogged that proposal here

Those sessiosn are now going ahead so we could introduce participants to a email@margrovepark.com concept.