Week 2 Margrove Park

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Low numbers again for the MyWeb2 workshop. This week we:-

Created a spreadsheet for the Village Halls finances.
Looked at some YouTube videos.
Added a story to the website showing how all the houses narrowly escaped demolition.
Shot some video fottage using a small hand held video camera that gave people the idea of a Margove Park "walkthrough" video.
One new @margrovepark.com email was created to go through the process of new account creation.

All the tasks were recorded as a "screencast" so that participants could refer back to the processes they had learned. These videos are quite large and we are still wondering how best to use them. Too large to get many on a USB stick. Maybe we need to compress and add to the website.

A couple of people expressed and interest in being able to electronically fill in forms that can at present only be filled in on paper. We'll look at a simple piece of free software to do this.