Week 3 Margrove Park

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Starting this weeks session. Marian said she had all kinds of problems with the videos I gave her on USB last week. Before we get to that we're looking at creating a poster for the @margrovepark email accounts.

Poster made and printed.

Now looking at the problem with videos. The problem arises when inserting the USB stick and Adobe (photoshop) automatically opens up. The problem Marian had was that she tried to negotiate the Adobe browser. This is often a problem when various softwares fight for dominance over your system. Maybe Adobe is trying to be helpful but it's a complete hindrence. At the same time windows opened a window. We closed down the window and the Adobe interface and coined the phrase "when we want help from Mr Adobe or Mr Windows we'll let them know"

We moved on and looked at:

Scanning into photoshop.
Scanning into picassa.
Image manipulation

We got talking about meditation which reminded Trish of a Moodie Blues song entitled OM. We looked at I-Tunes and discussed how we could download one track at a time rather than entire album. Did not find OM there but founf it on YouTube and Trish added to then Community Pages