Week 4 Margrove Park

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Nobody managed to do their homework ie send me an email. A tale of forgotten passwords and things not working on home PC's like they do in the village hall. Everyone has USB's - I couldn't give a good explanation of memory sizes other than a 2GB USB stick is twice the size of a 1GB. We ended up ojn a website looking at coversion rates for MB to GB.

We looked at scanning again as well as another peak into second life. I think they view it as entertainment. We scanned and edited a police poster and created a generic poster template in word for Marian to make regular posters (I'm frogotten why)

On a similar front we looked at "overtyping" onto forms using a programme called Form Pilot. Both Peter and Marian were keen on this and we just had a quick look and made sure it would do what they wanted. Copied the prog to their USB's and they seemed happy to just poke about with the prog at home.

They seem to have a recurring prob with moving files around their PC's and USB's so we looked at this in depth. They were each given a screen grab of the process (see below)

The all seem dissapointed that the sessions are drawing to a close and the poor turn out. They have done a leaflet drop and say neighbouring villages of Bossbeck and Skelton Green would like to attend.