Cosy Computing @ Margrove Park

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Got off to a slow start this week. One of the laptops has a broken display. We've all forgotten how to do things. First of all I asked Marian and Margaret to write a brief report on what they did in the "club" but it turned to be a very brief report.

Margaret is continuing to write her history of the village in Google docs. Jean wanted to check her email. Both were having trouble as did Marian as GoogleApps is playing up a little. Google alters (upgrades?) their apps often which can be confusing when things change all the time.

Marian uploaded a picture but Jean spent all her time on a website devoted to where she came from Failsworth. (True worth never fails is the motto) Trish has been exploring the waterways of England via the British Waterways website (she was born on a canal)

They all tell me about an event where the whole community brought in pictures. These were never scanned and it would be great to do this again to build an archive.